The intubation bell for additional protection in face-to-face medical work.

J-Box Manos

We're bringing safety back to the health sector. We protect the people who need protection the most.

J-Box Fabricación
J-Box Fabricación

To talk about the origins of Cleare, we have to start talking about the J-Box. An altruistic cooperative project that was initiated following a call from the head of the anaesthesia team at the Verge de la Cinta Hospital in Tortosa, seeking solutions to respond to the health emergency caused by the Covid_19. The Col-lectiu d'empreses del moble de La Sénia (CEMS), a non-profit association that brings together furniture manufacturers in this town in the province of Tarragona in Catalonia (Spain), developed a model of intubation box inspired by the model of aerosol box designed by Dr. Hsien-Yung Lai. The modifications introduced in the original design correspond to the needs detected by Dr. Jordi Castellnou, anesthesiologist at the Verge de La Cinta Hospital.

Thanks to the effort and unconditional dedication of the people who have supported it, J-Box has reached many hospitals and other services in the country, as it is characterized by its great ergonomics, protection and stability.

J-Box en ambulancias
J-Box en hospitales
J-Box en Bomberos
J-Box en Policia

J-BOX is suitable for many more professions. Beyond intubations, it can be adapted for other surgeries as well as for facial aesthetic treatments, cranial massages, etc.

The estructure is made of 4 mm thick polycarbonate, all the edges have been polished and rounded. It is a single piece bent at an angle to work without edges, i.e. there are no joints and assembly isn’t required. The materials used in the construction are resistant to the usual chemical agents for hospital cleaning and disinfection such as anionic detergents, soaps, sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and alcohol in different concentrations.

In case of damage:

Although polycarbonate is a very strong material, in the event that it breaks in part, it should be taken into account that it can be sharp. In this case, it is appropriate to discard the J-BOX and not to repair it. If the binder used in the joints becomes detached, it can be repaired. It is recommended to use the same material or an equivalent silicone.

To be considered:

During the manufacture of J-BOX, good evironmental hygiene conditions were ensured, but the facilities used were not designed for the manufacture of medical equipment and therefore do not comply the corresponding standards. J-BOX is delivered unsterilized.

It is therefore, the responsibility of the healthcare provider to ensure that is has been properly disinfected for the applications and environments in which it is used.


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