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Bridge is the design that unites us and will keep us connected. It is the link between two people who want to protect each other.

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The Bridge base comes mounted. It is a medium density panel structure melamine and folded on itself to avoid joints and facilitate disinfection. Its base is non-slip, of great durability, versatility and with antibacterial properties. It is especially indicated for on the table in offices, in front position or side.

Dual functionality

When you can hug your clients, when there are no dividing elements, you can turn Bridge into Frame. Reuse thanks to its hidden holes at the bottom that allow you with two simple screws, to turn it into a new support for your messages, announcements, photos. .. In addition the base can be used individually, either used as a shelf or a display base.

  • Melamine structure, resistant to abrasion and scratches, with antibacterial properties. Easy to maintain and clean..
  • Non-slip support thanks to its rubber bands located on the bottom.
  • Two display options:
    · 5mm thick polycarbonate screen resistant to impacts and changes in temperature. It is a very solid material.
    · 5mm thick tempered glass screen, high resistance, high quality, transparency and elegance. Hardware to convert the screen to Frame included.
  • Available finishes white, oak and graphite.
  • Easy assembly, you just have to insert the screen through the slot.


1. Measure the height of your table, counter or bar.

2. Decide how high you want the protection depending on the use (it should be above the head of the highest position).

3. Substract the height of your table from the total height of protection. You already have your measurement!

Cálculo de medidas

2 people sitting at a table of medium height (70-75 cm)

For offices, study,consultations...

Recommended screen height (including base): 62cm.

The protección will be up to 137cm.

Measurement calculation

1 person sitting, 1 person standing, or 2 people standing at a table of medium height (70-75 cm)

For recepctions, banks, town halls, libraries...

Recommended screen height (including base): 92cm. *Special size

Measurement calculation

2 people standing at a medium height counter (90-95 cm)

For commerce...

Recommended screen height (including base): 82cm.

The protección will be up to 177cm.

Measurement calculation

2 people standing at a counter or high bar (105-110 cm)

For cafes and bars, shops, banks...

Recommended screen height (including base): 74cm.


For personalized measurements you can send an email to or through the web chat.

* The images shown are of the 68x62cm and 128x62cm measuring gauge, in all available finishes.

  • Free shipping in 24-48 hours for purchases in the Peninsula.
  • 3-5 working days in the Balearic Islands and 5-7 working days for the rest of Europe. Off the peninsula the shipping cost is + 12 €.

Returns & Exchanges:

  • Free for 365 days in unused products and in perfect condition.
  • Returns of polycarbonate screens that have had the protective plastic removed or returns of products manufactured to measure will not be accepted.

We make sure that our suppliers have reinforced security and hygiene measures.


We are sociable by nature. People want to be in contact with other people and from Cleare we want to contribute to making this possible. We were born with the objective of uniting and protecting. Behind Cleare there is an optimistic team with a frontal and sincere character. We are transparent and we come to create spaces without barriers.

Our journey begins with an altruistic cooperative project, the J-Box intubation hood; that thanks to the effort and unconditional dedication of the people who have supported, it has reached many hospitals in the country. This is the spark that sets us in motion to start a new project but with the same objective, to protect people. Therefore, we have designed a collection of high quality and safety protection elements.

We have started designing a line of protection partitions for businesses and collective spaces. Unlike other partitions already existing in the market, which arose as a result of the emergency; Cleare partitions have a high component of design and versatility.

At Cleare we continue to think that taking care of those who care for us is a priority. Our team continues to develop protection elements for medical specialists and thus contribute our grain of sand to the new health safety protocols.


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